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Cat Dental Chews Review

Cat Dental ChewsYou have probably seen cat dental chews in the pet food aisle of your supermarket or in a pet store and wondered if they are right for your cat. As cats are living longer these days, cat dental health has become an increasing concern. If you notice cat bad breath, your cat probably has dental disease. Examine the cat’s teeth and gums. If the teeth have brown or yellow staining near the gum line or if the gums are red and inflamed, your cat has gingivitis or worse-periodontal disease. Plaque builds up on your pet’s teeth just like it builds up on yours. If the plaque is not removed, it hardens into hard tartar. The tartar irritates the gums. Over time, your cat’s teeth may become loose and abscesses may form. The only way to remove the tartar is by scheduling a cat teeth cleaning with your veterinarian.

Dog Bad Breath Causes and Remedies

Dog Bad Breath CausesThe Causes of Dog’s Bad Breath

The first step to eliminating bad breath is to know the major dog bad breath causes. Halitosis, bad breath, can be caused by a surprisingly large number of things. Of these things, though, the main culprit of canine bad breath is bad dental hygiene. Poor dental hygiene causes a buildup of bacteria (plaque) that attach themselves to the tooth surface, then slowly mineralize, turning into the hard substance known as calculus.

Top 10 Important Facts About Cat Dental Health

Cat Dental HealthBecause of the special needs in maintaining good cat dental health, I’ve compiled a top 10 list of the most important things to remember. Although their needs are similar, cats require a few different steps than dogs.

1. Attention: Close attention to the actions of your cat is vital to monitor not just oral health for cats, but also to monitor the overall health or your pet. Our pet’s actions are how they tell us what’s wrong, pay attention to them.