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My Cat Is Sneezing – How Can I Help Her?

My Cat Is SneezingMy cat is sneezing, what can I do? This is a common question asked numerous times in the online pet forums, and one that vets hear frequently. Sneezing in cats can be caused by many things, including conjunctivitis, a viral infection, aspirated fluids, and several others. Sneezing is usually one of the first signs to appear when your pet is becoming sick, and this symptom may or may not appear together with a fever.

Cat Watery Eyes Treatment Solutions

Cat Watery EyesCat watery eyes can be caused by many different problems, including allergies, a number of viral infections, defects or an absence of the tear ducts, and even the type of breed can determine the cause of this problem. Some breeds are more likely to have physical defects in the tear ducts or other eye features, while other breeds may be more prone to viral infections or nutritional deficiencies that affect the immune system.

Allergies To Cats in Babies – What Can I Do To Prevent?

Allergies to CatsCause of Allergies

Severe allergies, such as allergies to cats, are a kind of bodily malfunction. When something enters our body that shouldn’t be there it may trigger a sneeze or cough to expel it. If it’s on your skin you may get an itch, your body’s way of getting the allergen off the skin. These are normal and can be felt by almost anyone, just go rub yourself down with poison ivy. No, don’t really.