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Baytril for Rabbits – How to Use?

Baytril For Rabbits

Baytril for rabbits is a common medication prescribed by vets for many infections caused by bacteria, but how should you use this drug? Your vet may prescribe this medicine in a number of forms when caring for rabbits, and these include a pill form, an oral liquid form, and an injection form. One problem when using this medicine

Rabbit Ear Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Rabbit Ear InfectionRabbit ear infection is a common problem that most rabbit owners will face at some point in time. Ear infections in rabbits are most often caused by mites, which take up residence in rabbit ears and continue to propagate until the infestation is treated. For that reason, rabbit ear mites should be dealt with as soon as the problem is apparent in order to avoid further complications. Canker, a bacterial infection, is also a danger to rabbit ears that should be treated right away.

Rabbit Eye Infection Home Treatment

Rabbit Eye InfectionIf your rabbit develops an eye infection, there’s no need to panic. Rabbit eye infection treatment doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. Symptoms of eye infection include puss in and/or around the eyes, bleeding or swelling in the eye region, excessive tearing, and rabbit hair loss around the eye sockets. There are several things that can cause an infection in your rabbit’s eyes, some much more dangerous than others.

Pet Rabbit Skin Problems

Rabbit Skin ProblemsIf you have a pet rabbit that suffers from rabbit skin problems, then this article is for you. There are many reasons for why your furry friend is becoming less furry, or scratching an itch more than what seems necessary. As with any type of pet, caring for rabbits is very rewarding but also comes with a fair share of ups and downs. If you think your furry friend may have a skin condition, don’t panic.

Rabbit Mites Symptoms and Treatment

Rabbit MitesIn caring for rabbits, one of the more common health problems to be on the lookout for is rabbit mites. Below are some of the more frequently seen types, each of these can cause serious damage to your rabbit if left untreated.

Fur Mites

Also known as fur mites or walking dandruff, the mite Cheyletiella parasitovorax is a persistent mite that invades around the head and back of the head areas of the bunny. While rabbit fur mites generally do not directly carry other diseases, they can seriously irritate the rabbit’s skin and bring about other skin problems.

Rabbit Hair Loss Around Eyes and On Ears Causes

Rabbit Hair LossSeasonal shedding is perfectly normal for rabbits, as are the occasional clumps of fur found in their cages from grooming. On the other hand, not all rabbit hair loss is harmless, and can mean serious conditions requiring veterinary care.

Rabbit fur mites (the parasite Cheyletiella parasitivorax) are one cause for excessive hair loss. Usually starting as rabbit hair loss around the face, neck, and back, the mites leave thick, dry skin resembling dandruff.

Top 10 Pet Bunny Breeds

Pet Bunny BreedsThere are nearly fifty different pet bunny breeds, so choosing the one that’s right for you can be daunting. When looking for pet bunny breeds, it is best to look for one compatible with your expectations. Does one take easier to rabbit litter training? Is one better for young children? A little research is your best friend when searching for a pet rabbit.

Here are ten popular pet bunny breeds.

Rabbit Runny Stool – What Is Causing Rabbit Diarrhea?

Rabbit Runny StoolA healthy rabbit’s stool is small, dry, and round—rabbit diarrhea is rare. The instances that give a rabbit runny stool are relatively few, and none are to be taken lightly.

Baby Rabbit Diarrhea

When caring for rabbits younger than eight weeks old, diarrhea is actually a sign of life-threatening condition. Many rabbits are sold at a much younger age than healthy, to appeal to buyers looking for “small and cute.” However, rabbits need to nurse from their mothers for those eight weeks, as their mothers’ milk protects them from harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, one of the most deadly to a baby rabbit is one that humans carry naturally.

Top 10 Rabbit Breeders Online

Rabbit BreedersRabbit Breeders will rarely sell and ship rabbits online, but you can still find breeders local to you and purchase supplies over the internet. Rabbits are very sensitive to shipping and many die from heart failure in transit. This has caused most breeders to stop shipping the animals, and many states have made it illegal. If you’re looking for pet rabbits for sale in your area online, though, here is a list of the best sites that will point you in the right direction.

1. http://www.inetgiant.com/home/rabbits-and-bunnies – Inet Giant is a classified ads site that hosts listings from many different vendors. You can search by pet bunny breeds, region, or price.

Rabbit Hutches – How To Plan Best Home for Your Bunnies?

Rabbit HutchesRabbit hutches are a great way to cage your rabbit outdoors where they feel the best. Because they will be outdoors, it is important that their hutches can protect them from the outdoors. Weather and predators are the two worst enemies of outdoor rabbits. Just like rabbit cages, hutches need to provide plenty of space for movement and accessories such as food bowls and litter boxes. There are a number of rabbit hutches available for purchase through your local pet store, but many people decide to build their own.