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Dogs Having Seizures – How Can You Help?

Dogs Having SeizuresExperts estimate that about 4% of dogs having seizures as a result of epilepsy. A veterinarian should do a thorough examination and work up to rule out other dog seizures causes like toxic plants, brain injury, brain tumor, liver problems, heart problems or blood sugar issues. Canine epilepsy symptoms vary with the type of seizure. In a generalized seizure the dog’s muscles get stiff, the dog falls to the ground, and the dog makes jerking motions with its limbs and/or face. In a focal seizure, there is no twitching or jerking. The dog’s eyes are open but it is totally unaware of its surroundings. Obviously these seizures are hard to recognize.

Canine Epilepsy Diet – What Should Be on The Menu?

Canine Epilepsy DietDid you know that the root cause of your dog’s seizures could be found in his food dish? Switching your pet to a canine epilepsy diet could prevent recurring seizures and give your pet a happier life.

Nutrition and Epilepsy in Dogs

Although dog seizures causes can include a wide range of problems, including the ingestion of toxins and brain damage,