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Top 10 Exotic Pet Birds

Exotic Pet BirdsWith so many dozens of species and palettes of exotic pet birds to choose from, finding the right one for you can seem overwhelming. Below are just a handful birds for you to consider when searching for a bird buddy.

Top 10 Exotic Pet Birds

1. Miligold Macaw — These bird species are bred from Military Macaw and a Blue and Gold Macaw. With the best of both worlds, they are vibrant, affectionate, laid back, and may speak.

Top 10 Bird Feeding Tips

Bird Feeding Tips1. One of the top bird feeding tips involves whether or not to add a grit supplement once or twice a week. Grit helps birds digest food, and in the wild is needed for proper digestion. Pet bird food can usually be digested without grit, but a supplement can be offered if desired and will not cause any harm.

Budgie Bird for Sale – 7 Things to Remember Before Buying!

Budgie Bird1. Buying a budgie bird means that you are committed to spending the time, effort, and money needed to provide the proper diet and care for the bird. These birds may live for fifteen or even twenty five years, and will require care during this span. Talking birds for sale should never be an impulsive purchase, you should consider this type of pet carefully before buying one.