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Bladder Stones in Dogs: Diet After Surgery

Bladder Stones in DogsBladder stones in dogs, also called uroliths, are a fairly common problem that most dog owners will face at some point. They’re caused by a buildup of certain minerals in your dog’s bladder, and while they may present with similar symptoms to bladder infections in dogs, they have very different treatments. It is important that you understand the variations in bladder stones, and that each variation requires a different type of treatment.

Excessive Urination in Dogs – Symptoms of Polyuria in Dogs!

Excessive Urination in DogsExcessive urination in dogs may seem like more an inconvenience or nuisance, but the real dog incontinence causes can be more dire than a wet carpet. Polyuria (excessive urination in dogs) and polydipsia (excessive drinking in dogs) are not diseases in and of themselves, but are often indicators of more serious conditions.

When dealing with excessive urination in dogs, tests will need to be run to determine several factors. First, if the dog is drinking a disproportionate amount of water to the urine being produced, or it could be caused by conditions such as bladder infections in dogs, or simple loss of bladder control. While a urinary tract infection in dogs often causes more frequent urination, this is not technically polyuria.

Bladder Infections in Dogs Treatment

Bladder Infections in DogsWhen bacteria enter the canine urinary tract along the urethra, this can result in bladder infections in dogs. While the occurrences of bladder infections are relatively rare in canines (only three percent on average), dog incontinence causes extreme discomfort for the pet, and can even lead to death. It is important to recognize the symptoms, and take necessary action.

Bladder infections in dogs are most commonly found in older canines, males that have not been neutered or spayed females. Some dogs even have genetic traits that are more prone to urine pooling in the bladder.

Cat Bladder Infection Home Remedy

Cat Bladder InfectionIf your cat is visiting the litter box more frequently but passing very little urine, it may be suffering from cat bladder infection. Bladder infections are caused by bacteria, but psychological stress can make your cat more prone to developing infection. Blood in the urine is another symptom of cat bladder infection. Your cat my make noises while urinating because of the pain of the bladder infection.