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Bengal Cat Personality Traits

Bengal Cat PersonalityAnyone looking into owning a Bengal should know as much as possible about the Bengal cat personality before making a decision. Like the safari, chausi and Savannah cats, the Bengal is a hybrid of exotic and domestic cat breeds. The Bengal in particular is a crossbreed of the Asian leopard and domestic cat breeds, resulting in a cat with an exotic leopard-print coat and the temperament of a traditional house cat.

Bengal Cats For Sale – What Questions To Ask Breeders?

Bengal Cats For SaleAnyone interested in becoming the owner of an exotic cat will notice that, next to Siamese cats, one of the most prevalent choices is amongst Bengal cats for sale. The Bengal is a fairly new species of cat that is a combination of the Asian leopard and domestic breeds, resulting in a cat with a house-pet temperament and wild, exotic look.

Top 10 Bengal Cat Breeders

Bengal Cat BreedersBengal cat breeders have created a cross between domestic cats and small Asian Leopard cats. Bengal cats are medium to large in size. Once the two breeds of cats have successfully cross bred, Bengal cat breeders started crossing the Bengal cats with one another. Four or five generations later, these cats are eligible for competition. The breed is recognized by worldwide cat associations. Bengal cats are known for their exotic markings. Savannah cats are the result of a cross between a domestic cat (Siamese) and a large eared, medium sized wild African cat known as a serval. The first cat that was a result of this breeding was named Savannah, hence the name of the entire breed.