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How To Build A Water Dragon Terrarium?

Water Dragon TerrariumTank or Cage

The first step to building a water dragon terrarium is finding the right size tank or cage for your lizard. Water dragons love to climb; because of this their cages should be tall enough to allow them some climbing room. This is opposite to bearded dragon cages because they aren’t big on climbing. Homemade wire cages are okay, and they give more climbing area.

Bearded Dragons as Pets: 7 Things To Remember

Bearded Dragons as PetsBearded dragons as pets can be very rewarding creatures for a wide range of ages. They are relatively docile animals and they aren’t known to run away when they have it good in the cage. This makes it easy to care for them, but they do have a few traits that need to be remembered when caring for them. Here is a list of 7 of these traits to be remembered.

Bearded Dragon Food – What To Give To Your Pet?

Bearded Dragon FoodEating Habits in Nature

Like most lizards, a bearded dragon diet in the wild consists of fruits, veggies, and insects. Their diet in captivity needs to match this as closely as possible. Adult dragons will typically eat far more fruits and vegetables in the wild than insects, mainly because they are easier to catch. Baby dragons, however, eat far more insects than adults to help provide the needed protein for growth. Known as omnivores, bearded dragons are often opportunistic eaters.

Bearded Dragon Cages Review

Bearded Dragon CagesThe Cage

Bearded dragons are relatively small as pet reptiles go, but they are a bit more active than other reptiles. This means that bearded dragon cages need to be large enough to supply your pet with plenty of room to roam. A full grown dragon should be housed in a 55 gallon or more aquarium. Be sure the aquarium is wide not tall. Glass aquariums make the best bearded dragon cages since they keep the lizard from climbing up the walls and out the top. The glass sides also help keep live food like crickets in the cage.