Soloxine for Dogs Dosage – How Much to Give?

Soloxine For dogs

What is Soloxine for dogs, and how much of this medication should be given? This medication is a prescription only treatment that is used in cases of hypothyroidism in dogs, and should only be used as directed by the vet. The usual dose of this drug prescribed is 0.1 mg of the drug for every 10 pounds of body weight, and a higher dose may be prescribed in certain situations. Soloxine for dogs can be purchased in a number of strengths, ranging from 0.1 mg tablets to 1 mg tablets in increments of 0.1 mg, except there is no tablet in 0.9 mg though.

The risk of possible Soloxine side effects will increase as the dosage increases, so your vet will calculate the dose needed by your pet very carefully. This medication may be used in cats in some cases as well, but the dosage for felines is much smaller. Insulin and other medications for diabetes can affect how this drug works, so if your pet takes these medications the vet may need to adjust the dose of Soloxine for dogs accordingly. Some dog health insurance policies will cover this medication, because it is a medical necessity, but each policy may be different and may have different restrictions and limits.

The specific Soloxine for dogs dose required will depend on a number of different factors. The age of your pet, any other medical conditions or medications that are present, the weight of your dog, and other factors will determine the exact dose of this drug that your pet needs. Any sick dog symptoms noticed may be a sign that the dosage provided is not correct, and more or less of the drug may be needed. Your dog may need to be checked regularly by the vet, to determine whether an adjustment is needed or the medication should be stopped, and this may require blood tests or other diagnostic steps.