Small Pet Snakes For Beginners

Small Pet SnakesSmall pet snakes for beginners should be easy to care for, have a good disposition in temperament, and stay small even when they reach adulthood. There are a number of snakes which meet all of these requirements, and any of them can make an excellent first snake for an inexperienced owner. Pet corn snakes can be ideal, because they do not require any special care and are generally very docile and easy to get along with. This species is not known for aggression, although they may bite if startled or frightened. This is one of the best small pet snakes if you have never owned this type of exotic pet before.

There are many different types of pet snakes, but not all of these are a good choice for someone without extensive reptile experience. The California King snake is another excellent choice for a first snake, but you will need to take certain precautions with this snake. The King snake will eat other snakes, even if they are the same species, so you can not place this pet with any other reptile or animal. They can make perfect small pet snakes though, and they have a nice disposition and gentle nature with people. When looking at pet snakes for sale always understand the species and care requirements before buying one, and never purchase a pet on impulse.

If you are interested in small pet snakes and want a constrictor then a ball python may be the best choice. These snakes will not normally get over five or six foot long, and they offer all of the benefits of a constrictor with none of the dangers and risks that the larger snakes carry. Milk snakes can be another choice for new snake owners. You can go to a pet store to purchase your new pet or you can find snake breeders, which may be the best option. Some pet stores try to stunt the growth of the reptile, to keep them small and young looking, while most breeders will not.