Rimadyl Overdose Symptoms and Treatment

Rimadyl Overdose

A Rimadyl overdose can be fatal, and it is important that you understand the symptoms of this condition as well as the treatment that is needed. Sometimes dogs will get into things, and you should always keep all prescription pet medications in a safe place to minimize this risk. Rimadyl is the name brand for the drug Carprofen for dogs, and this medicine can work well on treating pain and inflammation. For some pets this drug can be deadly though, and this is especially true of Labrador Retrievers. The symptoms of a Rimadyl overdose can depend on the amount ingested by the dog, and if you suspect your pet has taken too much emergency vet treatment is needed immediately.

Even at the lowest Rimadyl dosage there are possible side effects, and for some dogs even a small overdose can be toxic. If your dog is extremely nauseous, has seizures, or has a marked decrease in urine production then these could be signs of a Rimadyl overdose. Dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision, and headaches are other common signs that an excess of this drug has been ingested by your pet. A sick dog vomiting repeatedly can also be a symptom of an overdose with this drug.

If your dog needs an NSAID for pain or inflammation there are a number of Rimadyl alternatives that may be a better choice, especially if you have a specific breed that is sensitive to this drug. If you suspect an overdose emergency treatment is needed, and if the animal is not vomiting then activated charcoal or stomach pumping may be necessary. A Rimadyl overdose can be fatal very quickly if treatment is not received right away. Some of the Rimadyl side effects also include stomach upset or occasional vomiting, but these are not usually severe and will generally go away without treatment. It is always a good idea to check with the vet if a symptom is worrisome, to ensure that no overdose has occurred.