Rimadyl Dosage for Dogs and Cats after Surgery

Rimadyl Dosage

The Rimadyl dosage used after surgery is generally the same as for other pain and inflammation. Dogs will normally receive two milligrams every twenty four hours for each pound of their body weight. This dosage may be given one time each day, at approximately the same time so that the drug is provided every twenty four hours. Effective pain relief for dogs may involve a dose of one milligram per pound every twelve hours instead, so that the drug is given more frequently to control pain and swelling better. It is important to follow the Rimadyl dosage given by your vet carefully, so that there are no complications or problems during treatment.

When it comes to cats and pain relief following surgery neither a Rimadyl nor Deramaxx dosage should be given. Neither of these drugs is intended to be used with cats or any other animal except canines. It is easy to calculate the Rimadyl dosage with cats, because it is zero no matter what the circumstances are. Your vet should never prescribe Rimadyl for cats, only dogs. There are other medications that can be used with felines that are less dangerous and more effective, and these Rimadyl alternatives are a better choice when it comes to cats, horses, and other animals that are not canine.

Because cats are smaller and more susceptible to drugs the possible Rimadyl side effects can be much more serious, and this is only one of the reasons why this drug is not prescribed to treat cats. For dogs the Rimadyl dosage needed depends on weight, so a fifty pound dog will receive either fifty milligrams twice a day or one hundred milligrams once a day. Any possible Rimadyl overdose symptoms in your dog should be evaluated by a vet as soon as possible, because of the serious risks involved. The use of the drug to treat post surgical pain in dogs is common, but the drug should not be given to cats unless this is done by a vet and the animal is closely supervised by the staff during the entire course of treatment.