Rabbit Ear Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Rabbit Ear InfectionRabbit ear infection is a common problem that most rabbit owners will face at some point in time. Ear infections in rabbits are most often caused by mites, which take up residence in rabbit ears and continue to propagate until the infestation is treated. For that reason, rabbit ear mites should be dealt with as soon as the problem is apparent in order to avoid further complications. Canker, a bacterial infection, is also a danger to rabbit ears that should be treated right away. Middle ear infections can easily spread to become inner ear infections, which are very dangerous for your furry friend. Here is a rundown of rabbit ear infection symptoms to look for, as well as treatments:


1. The first signs of ear infection are head shaking and constantly tilting the head to one side (called head tilt).

2. If you are familiar with caring for rabbits, then you know that excessive scratching can be indicative of several conditions. Ear infection is one of them.

3. Discharge or a foul odor coming from one or both of your rabbit’s ears is a sign that you should get your pet to the vet immediately.

4. If your rabbit’s ear infection is caused by rabbit mites, you will notice skin scales or thick yellow-gray crusts surrounded by areas of alopecia (hair loss) deep in the ear canal and on the ear lobes.


1. Rabbit ear infection caused by ear mites is treated with veterinary-prescribed drugs called avermectins.

2. Other bacterial ear infections require antibiotics.

3. In severe cases, oral antibiotics as well as ear drops, and sometimes even pain relievers, are administered.

As you can see, rabbit ear infection should be fairly easy to detect and, once the infection is diagnosed by a vet, treatment is straight-forward. The best way to avoid certain types of ear infections altogether is to ask about vaccinations when you’re looking at pet rabbits for sale.