Previcox for Dogs Side Effects and Benefits

Previcox For Dogs

Previcox for dogs is a non steroidal anti inflammatory medication that is only available with a prescription. This drug is prescribed by vets to control an inflammation and pain that is caused by arthritis, which affects many breeds as they age. As an anti inflammatory for dogs Previcox can be extremely effective and offer numerous benefits, but this drug also has possible side effects as well. The benefits include pain relief and a reduction in inflammation that affects the mobility and comfort level of your dog. Previcox for dogs can eliminate or reduce limping, a decrease in usual activities, stiffness in the joints, and even lameness that is caused by arthritis, and this drug may cause your pet to show dramatic results in a short time.

Previcox is one of the Rimadyl alternatives that may be used by vets, and there are some serious side effects that have been reported. Each dog is different, and may respond differently to this medication. For many owners an improvement may be seen within a few days, while other dogs may need longer to get the best possible results. There are a number of side effects associated with Previcox for dogs, and these range from bothersome to very serious or even fatal. Vomiting, jaundice, changes in urination, dark colored urine or a complete lack of urination, skin changes, diarrhea, and signs of blood in the stool are all possible side effects of this medication. Previcox is used to give pain relief for dogs, but if any serious side effects occur you should stop the medicine immediately and consult a vet right away.

Previcox for dogs can also cause a decrease in appetite, as well as problems with the digestive system. This is true of almost all NSAIDs, for both dogs and humans. Sometimes this class of drugs can also cause problems with kidney or liver function as well. Whether your vet prescribes Novox for dogs, Previcox, or another medication for pain and inflammation it is important to use it exactly as directed. For many dogs the benefits of this drug outweigh the possible side effects.