Prescription Diet Cat Food – When Does Your Cat Need It?

Prescription Diet Cat Food

Is prescription diet cat food really necessary, or is it simply overpriced and a great way for your vet to earn extra income? Most vets are honest, and will only prescribe a specific food for certain medical problems or conditions if the dietary needs are legitimate. Feline epilepsy, diabetes, and other diseases can cause your cat to have special nutritional needs, but it is normally possible to find a quality food that meets these needs without paying more than you have to. Prescription diet cat food may be recommended, but it is rarely necessary if you are willing to do the research and find foods that meet your pet requirements for less.

Organic cat food is made from all natural ingredients, with no chemicals, preservatives or additives, or added sugars and fats. If your cat is overweight then a high quality canned food may be given in the recommended amounts, and the exercise that your pet gets should be increased to burn off additional calories. A prescription diet cat food will usually cost more, but in many cases the same nutrition and dietary requirements can be found in a top quality canned food that does not require any prescription.

A feline diabetes diet will restrict the sugars and certain other nutrients that your cat consumes, to help your cat use insulin effectively and control blood sugar levels better.

Prescription diet cat food may be necessary in some cases, and your vet can help you determine whether this choice is the only one available. Ask your vet why the specific food is needed, and then do your research to see what your other options may be. Dental diet cat food will promote good dental health, but there are some other food types and brands that may also offer this benefit for less. Urinary tract infections and other urinary problems may require a food with an altered pH level or certain urinary supplements, but even these may be available without a prescription.