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Top 10 Rabbit Supplies List

Rabbit SuppliesIf you are a rabbit owner you know that there is an abundant variety of rabbit supplies to choose from, and that it can be overwhelming determining what you need and what you can do without. People who have rabbits as pets know what a joy they can be, but they also know that caring for pet rabbits is much easier with the right supplies. Be sure your house is rabbit-ready by stocking up with items from this list of top ten rabbit supplies:

Top 5 Gerbil Toys Ideas

Gerbil ToysIf you’re the proud owner of one or more gerbils, then you know the importance of gerbil toys for your gerbil’s care. These charming furry friends are frisky little creatures that like to stay very active during the day. People who opt for having gerbils as pets no doubt delight in bringing home new play toys and watching their little guys ham it up.

Rabbit Ear Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Rabbit Ear InfectionRabbit ear infection is a common problem that most rabbit owners will face at some point in time. Ear infections in rabbits are most often caused by mites, which take up residence in rabbit ears and continue to propagate until the infestation is treated. For that reason, rabbit ear mites should be dealt with as soon as the problem is apparent in order to avoid further complications. Canker, a bacterial infection, is also a danger to rabbit ears that should be treated right away.

Gerbils As Pets: Pros and Cons

Gerbils As PetsPeople looking for easy to maintain or introductory pets for their little ones will no doubt want to consider gerbils as pets. Gerbils are tiny little mammals that grow to be about four inches long, with tails of approximately the same size. They come in a variety of colors, but most often have white underbellies. Those interested in hamsters as pets inevitably find themselves comparing hamsters to gerbils, and wondering what the difference is.

Rabbit Eye Infection Home Treatment

Rabbit Eye InfectionIf your rabbit develops an eye infection, there’s no need to panic. Rabbit eye infection treatment doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. Symptoms of eye infection include puss in and/or around the eyes, bleeding or swelling in the eye region, excessive tearing, and rabbit hair loss around the eye sockets. There are several things that can cause an infection in your rabbit’s eyes, some much more dangerous than others.

Dwarf Hamster Cages Review

Dwarf Hamster CagesDwarf hamsters, like all tiny-statured mammals, are nervous creature that will escape at any chance they get. It is important to look into the available options for dwarf hamster cages in order to make sure you’re getting the best one for your little furry friend because, once they escape, dwarf hamsters can be nearly impossible to find. They can fit into practically any tight spot and are downright wily when it comes to evading discovery.

Pet Rabbit Skin Problems

Rabbit Skin ProblemsIf you have a pet rabbit that suffers from rabbit skin problems, then this article is for you. There are many reasons for why your furry friend is becoming less furry, or scratching an itch more than what seems necessary. As with any type of pet, caring for rabbits is very rewarding but also comes with a fair share of ups and downs. If you think your furry friend may have a skin condition, don’t panic.

Dwarf Hamster Care Guide

Dwarf Hamster CareIt’s hard to imagine any pet cuter than a dwarf hamster. Dwarf hamster care is not unlike care required for the larger hamster breeds, but it is important to mention that the small size of the dwarf hamster means they require some extra special handling. Like any other pet, it is important to take dwarf hamster care needs into consideration before becoming the owner of one of these furry little guys. Fortunately, care for your dwarf hamster is simple and straight-forward.

Ferret Training Tricks – How To Train Your Ferret?

Ferret TrainingIn the first years of domestication, ferret training usually consisted of learning how to hunt for humans. However, the role of the domestic ferret has changed over time. Now most human owners keep ferrets as pets, and thus the needs have changed.

The main reasons humans train ferrets now is to use their littler pan, or to curb nipping. Ferret training works on a system of positive encouragement, and meaningful negative reinforcement. It should be made clear that rarely to animals understand “punishment” as we do, so negative reinforcement must be done in a way that the animal understands.

Rabbit Mites Symptoms and Treatment

Rabbit MitesIn caring for rabbits, one of the more common health problems to be on the lookout for is rabbit mites. Below are some of the more frequently seen types, each of these can cause serious damage to your rabbit if left untreated.

Fur Mites

Also known as fur mites or walking dandruff, the mite Cheyletiella parasitovorax is a persistent mite that invades around the head and back of the head areas of the bunny. While rabbit fur mites generally do not directly carry other diseases, they can seriously irritate the rabbit’s skin and bring about other skin problems.