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Gerbil Food List – What to Include?

Gerbil Food

Gerbil food provides all the nutrients that your pet needs as long as a well rounded diet is given. You will find commercial foods in boxes and bags which include a mix of different ingredients, and these will work well as the base of the diet for your gerbil. A gerbil diet should also include a variety of other foods as well, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cheeses, dog biscuits, and even mealworms or other small feeder insects.

Ferrets as Pets for Kids Review

Ferrets As Pets

Ferrets as pets for kids can be a good choice, as long as certain precautions are taken. Ferrets are members of the same family as badgers and weasels, and while they can be cute and a lot of fun these pets also have a tendency to nip or bite at times. The many ferret names used by people who love these pets show that they can be ideal for older children, as long as adult supervision is provided.

Hamsters as Pets: Pros and Cons

Hamsters as Pets

Hamsters as pets can have both pros and cons, and you should understand both of these before you make a decision to bring a hamster into your home as a pet. A hamster care guide can help you determine what to expect, and will outline the proper care and handling for this pet.

Ferret Supplies List – What to Buy?

Ferret Supplies

Ferret supplies are a must if you plan on owning one or more of these animals, but what will you need to get before you bring your pet home? A list of the items you will need can be found quickly online, and some of these lists may include optional items like treats as well as the basic necessities.

Top 10 Fun Ferret Facts

Ferret Facts1. One of the top ferret facts is that these animals are related to badgers and weasels, and they enjoy companionship and socialization. Just like their relatives they can be temperamental, and may nip at times.

2. Ferrets as pets have many advantages, but these animals do have an attention span that is short. This means that complex tricks may not be picked up right away, and additional training may be needed.

Top 10 Ferret Toys

Ferret Toys1. Super Through Way By Marshall- One of the top ferret toys, the Super Through Way is made specifically for ferrets, and contains tunnels that your pet will love to travel through.

2. Kong Toy For Ferrets- Part of good ferret care means keeping your pet amused, and the Kong toy is almost impossible for your animal to destroy. Treats can also be placed inside the toy for an even bigger treat and more fun.

Top 10 Hamster Cage Accessories

Hamster Cage Accessories1. Tubes-One of the top hamster cage accessories are tubes, because these components give your pet somewhere to burrow and explore. Some hamsters may even use these tubes for sleeping, because they are comfortable and help your pet hide.

2. Hamster Wheel- Hamster wheels are a common sight in any cage, so that your hamster can get enough exercise and does not get bored. Hamsters can be energetic at times, and a wheel will give them something to do.

Ferret Clothes And Accessories Review

Ferret ClothesFerret clothes and accessories can be found in a wide range of products and designs, and these items can help your ferret look nice and have a safe and enjoyable life. Ferret clothing can be found in styles like hooded sweatshirts, sweaters, tropical shirts, hats, bandannas, vests, jackets, and much more. You can dress your ferret in style, so that they look perfect for any occasion.

Cheap Hamster Cages With Tubes – Where To Find?

Cheap Hamster CagesCheap hamster cages can be found in many ways, and if you own or plan on getting a hamster then this is a necessity. Your pet will need a cage to live in, and one that has tubes will give them somewhere to explore and hide. You can find cages and >hamster cage accessories in any pet store, but these can be expensive.

Ferret Diet: Top 10 Foods

Ferret Diet1. Whole mice- A ferret diet that contains whole mice, whether live or frozen and then thawed, is one of the best diets possible. This food is identical to what your pet would eat in the wild, and contains plenty of protein.

2. Whole rats- Proper ferret care means a diet high in fat and protein but with few if any carbs or vegetables. Whole rats make the ideal prey, but make sure you buy animals that are safe and healthy, without any diseases or infections.