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Famotidine for Cats to Solve Gastric Problems

Famotidine For Cats

Famotidine for cats is commonly advised by a number of vets to help treat gastric problems in felines. A prescription is not needed for this medication, and it is marketed over the counter under the name Pepcid and others. Gastric problems can lead to ulcers, and Famotidine for dogs and cats can help lower the production of gastric acid

Famotidine Side Effects in Cats and Dogs

Famotidine Side Effects

The possible Famotidine side effects in cats and dogs can range substantially, and some may only be bothersome while others can cause a life threatening reaction or condition to occur. This medication is used for treating acid reflux in dogs and cats, as well as other excess acid related conditions. Even though this medication does not require a prescription

Famotidine Dosage for Dogs – How Much?

Famotidine Dosage

What is the correct Famotidine dosage for dogs, and why is this medication advised by vets? This drug is available without a prescription and can also be found under the brand name of Pepcid. The FDA has not approved this medication for animals, but vets have been recommending it as a treatment for many years so the practice has become common.

Vetasyl for Cats – Is It Effective Diarrhea Treatment?

Vetasyl For Cats

Is Vetasyl for cats effective at treating diarrhea? The answer will depend on the cause of the diarrhea. Vetasyl is available without a prescription, and is an all natural dietary supplement that can provide needed fiber and relief from constipation for your cat. Diarrhea is one of the most common cat sickness symptoms, and in some cases this supplement may actually resolve the diarrhea without the need for any medications.

Famotidine for Dogs for Upset Stomach vs. Pepto Bismol

Famotidine For Dogs

Famotidine for dogs is an over the counter medication that is used to treat upset stomach and the overproduction of stomach acid, and this medicine can be used in cats as well and goes under the brand name Pepcid. Pepto Bismol is also commonly used to treat an upset stomach in canines, so which is a better choice to use with your pet? The answer may depend on the specific problems that your dog is experiencing.

Pancrezyme Powder for Dogs Benefits and Side Effects

Pancrezyme Powder

Pancrezyme powder is a prescription only product that contains pancreatic enzymes, and this product is prescribed for dogs who suffer from maldigestion syndrome or whose bodies do not produce needed quantities of pancreatic enzymes on their own and need a supplemental dose.