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Top 10 Exotic Pet Birds

Exotic Pet BirdsWith so many dozens of species and palettes of exotic pet birds to choose from, finding the right one for you can seem overwhelming. Below are just a handful birds for you to consider when searching for a bird buddy.

Top 10 Exotic Pet Birds

1. Miligold Macaw — These bird species are bred from Military Macaw and a Blue and Gold Macaw. With the best of both worlds, they are vibrant, affectionate, laid back, and may speak.

Nanday Conure Diet

Nanday Conure DietWhen you see a Nanday Conure parrot for sale, consider the pros and cons carefully. There are many benefits to owning one of these vibrant beauties, but they require a measure of training and upkeep. They are an affectionate breed of pet parrots, which socialize with other birds and humans remarkably well. They learn human speech relatively easily, and are quite intelligent.

The Nanday Conure, however, requires a very large cage for its small size and screeches loudly. An untrained Nanday Conure parrot can be very difficult to control. What many may also not know is that the Nanday Conure diet is poorly supported by commercial seed alone.

Hummingbird Feeders Review

Hummingbird FeedersHummingbird feeders are available in many materials, sizes, shapes, looks, and types, so how can you tell which one is right for your back yard or porch and circumstances? All of these feeders will use the same type of hummingbird feeder recipe, which is simply a nectar made from a mix or sugar and water, but they will be filled and release the nectar in different ways. Some hummingbird feeders offer places for the birds to rest while they eat, while others cause the birds to eat while hovering. It is generally believed among bird experts that the resting feeder is a better choice, and is frequently preferred by the hummingbirds who visit.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Review

Squirrel Proof Bird FeedersSquirrel proof bird feeders are a must for anyone who feeds and enjoys watching wild birds, because the squirrels will frequently scare away the birds and steal the food for themselves instead. Not only is this an annoyance but it can become expensive due to the fact that squirrels eat much more than wild birds usually do. You can go online or use a catalog and order squirrel proof bird feeder plans, so that you can build your own for a much lower cost. Another option is to purchase squirrel proof bird feeders that are already assembled, so all you have to do is install them and fill them.

Goldfinches For Sale – Where To Find Them?

Goldfinches for SaleFinding goldfinches for sale is not usually as simple as walking into the corner pet store and making a purchase. These birds are usually wild caught, and rarely domestically bred in the USA. To get one of these birds from quality stock you will need to locate breeders who have an excellent reputation in this business. There are many types of canary birds for sale, and you can find online ads that offer almost any species you could want. If you use the Internet to find goldfinches for sale make sure that you are getting a bird in excellent health and temperament. This can be done by visiting the breeder in person, and inspecting the stock and living environment before you purchase a bird from them.

Canary Breeding Cages – How To Build Them?

Canary Breeding CagesBuilding canary breeding cages can be a much less expensive option than purchasing these cages already built and ready to use. This is especially true if you are serious about breeding on a larger basis, and it is not that difficult to build them even if you are not a skilled carpenter or handyman. Many canary bird breeders have constructed their own cages for this purpose rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars instead. You will need some sheets of plywood, and the exact quantity of each material type will depend on the size and number of canary breeding cages you want to get as a result.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Singing Canary Birds

Singing Canary Birds1. All singing canary birds found around the world originally started with one species, the Serinus Canaria from the Canary Island. There are some species which are no longer available, having been bred out of widespread existence.

2. Canary bird breeders may breed for three different types of canary. The color canary is prized for the coloring, the song canary is bred specifically for a beautiful voice, and the third type is bred for some desirable physical trait or other characteristic.

Red Factor Canary Care

Red Factor CanaryCaring for a Red Factor Canary is similar to caring for other canary types, with the exception of feeding and diet. A number of canary bird breeders specialize in this type of bird, which can range from orange to a bright scarlet. This type of bird needs to be fed a special diet so that the feathers continue to have the red coloring when old feathers are lost and new ones grow to replace them. If a special diet is not given that is rich in beta carotene and certain other nutrients then the result will be a Red Factor Canary that turns yellow after the molt is finished.

Top 10 Bird Feeding Tips

Bird Feeding Tips1. One of the top bird feeding tips involves whether or not to add a grit supplement once or twice a week. Grit helps birds digest food, and in the wild is needed for proper digestion. Pet bird food can usually be digested without grit, but a supplement can be offered if desired and will not cause any harm.

Budgie Bird for Sale – 7 Things to Remember Before Buying!

Budgie Bird1. Buying a budgie bird means that you are committed to spending the time, effort, and money needed to provide the proper diet and care for the bird. These birds may live for fifteen or even twenty five years, and will require care during this span. Talking birds for sale should never be an impulsive purchase, you should consider this type of pet carefully before buying one.