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Hummingbird Nectar Recipe – Old Secret to Attract Little Creatures

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

A hummingbird nectar recipe can turn your home and yard into a place where hummingbirds want to visit. These birds are very unusual, and so is the diet that they enjoy. Instead of providing seeds, nuts, and other solids, hummingbird feeders hold nectar, which these birds will usually get from flowers. When you look out and see these birds hovering around the feeder the sight is amazing. You can purchase a dry nectar mix, which is combined with water

Top 5 Singing Birds

Singing Birds

1. Canary

One of the top singing birds is the canary, a bird that has been known for many centuries for the beautiful song it sings. These pets are small, and do not require much attention as long as there are several of them together. Singing canary birds can be perfect for apartments and small spaces, and their song will bring a lot of joy into your life when you have these birds as pets.

Keeping Rainbow Lorikeets As Pets

Lorikeets As PetsKeeping Lorikeets as pets is popular with those who enjoy larger birds, and the Rainbow Lorikeet is one of the biggest in this bird family. You should not consider a single bird if you can not provide constant stimulation and companionship, because these pets need to be social throughout the day. Pet parrots have a lot of needs, and they can be expensive to keep, but if you can afford it then many of these birds can make excellent friends.

Goffin Cockatoos As Pets

Goffin CockatoosGoffin cockatoos are beautiful birds, and they can make great pets for some people but are not suitable for everyone. These birds do have some drawbacks, because they have specific needs and can be noisy at times. Before you purchase any pet parrots or other larger birds you need to be sure that you are ready for the responsibility. These pets require a significant amount of space, time, and money.

Top 10 Most Popular Pet Parrots Species

Pet ParrotsIf you’re looking into pet parrots, you might be overwhelmed by the number of species to choose from. Which one is right for you? Some parrots are tiny and cuddly, while others are large and like their privacy. If you’re looking for tropical, multicolored birds, then you should probably look into macaws for sale, because most parrots are green. All parrots are smart birds and can become great talkers, but some are quicker to learn than others. How do you pick a parrot?

Top 10 Cockatoo Parrot Facts Owners Should Know

Cockatoo ParrotAre you looking into adopting a cute, spunky cockatoo parrot? Then you’ll certainly want to learn enough about this smart and fun-loving breed to know whether or not it is the best pet for you. There are many different types of cockatoos , and they all require a high level of attention and upkeep. Choosing from a vast selection of cockatoo bird cages will be the least of your responsibilities when you take one of these feathered friends home as a pet.

Eclectus Parrot Diet

Eclectus ParrotIf you’re interested in becoming the proud owner of an eclectus parrot, then you first need to study up on what it takes to care for such a bird. Adopting any animal is no small undertaking and requires serious consideration, far greater than deciding which one of those decorative bird cages you want for Polly’s new home, or if you prefer the Kelly green male or the bright red female eclectus.

Moluccan Cockatoo Diet

Moluccan CockatooThe Moluccan cockatoo is known for its distinguishing coloring of a light peach body and a beautifully bright, salmon pink crest. These cockatoos are perhaps some of the friendliest and liveliest birds in existence, rivaled only by the loving and playful Umbrella cockatoo. As a matter of fact, Moluccan cockatoos are so sweet that they are often referred to as “lap birds.” They are also extremely smart and require a lot of mental stimulation.

Umbrella Cockatoo Diet and Care

Umbrella CockatooThe Umbrella Cockatoo is a commonly owned bird, yet also a commonly neglected and discarded one as well. When many potential owners seek cockatoo birds for sale, many fail to understand the level of care and responsibility necessary for owning an Umbrella Cockatoo—or for that matter the Moluccan Cockatoo, or many other relatives of the parrot.

Like other relatives of the parrot, an Umbrella Cockatoo is quite intelligent. While still animals, they can mimic speech and require a great amount of mental stimulation. They become bored easily, much like small children, and need time to explore and play. Toys and puzzles for them should line their living space, and they should have plenty of time outside of their cage to roam.

African Grey Parrot Care: 7 Things To Remember

African Grey Parrot CareThough it is common to find African Grey parrots for sale among other pet parrots, a prospective owner should know just how involved African Grey Parrot care is. Here are seven things about African Grey Parrot care that every owner should know.

1. Involvement— The main reason that many are drawn to the African Grey is their well earned reputation for being intelligent. Many studies have indicated that African Greys are as intelligent as a five year old human child and require everyday involvement of the whole family.