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White Line Disease In Horses

White Line Disease in HorsesWhite line disease in horses occurs when the outer wall of the hoof separates from the laminae. This is the place where the foot joins to the hoof. The first sign is a thin white line, hence the name. The outer wall of the hoof becomes brittle and cracks. Cracks allow secondary opportunistic infections to take hold. Over time, a complete separation can occur and the bones in the horse’s feet can shift out of place. Since white line disease in horses affects the feet, it is also referred to as seedy toe.

Equine Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment

Equine Metabolic SyndromeEquine metabolic syndrome is a condition that usually affects horses between 8 and 18 years of age. Affected horses are often overweight. Horses with this condition develop fat deposits much like those found in Cushing’s disease in horses. Fat may be deposited on the shoulders, loins, neck, tailhead, and just above the eyes. Some horses grow a pot belly. The horse may have bouts of equine laminitis, affecting the hooves. Horses with equine metabolic syndrome often drink more water and urinate more often than healthy animals. In people, this condition is sometimes referred to as pre-diabetes. If measures are not taken to control this syndrome, it can progress to insulin resistant diabetes.

Navicular Disease in Horses Symptoms and Treatment

Navicular Disease in HorsesResearchers have yet to figure out the actual cause of navicular disease in horses. The navicular bone is found in the front limbs. Compression and tension are two possible factors in the development of navicualar disease in horses.

If the horse’s foot is not landing correctly when he walks or runs, the cartilage becomes compressed.

Horse Vaccinations Schedule Review

Horse Vaccinations ScheduleKnowing the proper horse vaccination schedule is essential if you want to keep your horse safe from a number of potentially fatal illnesses. Ask your equine veterinary specialist about these vaccinations: West Niles, strangles, rotavirus A, rhinopneumonitis, rabies, Potomac horse fever, influenza, equine viral arteritis, equine viral encephalomyelitis, influenza, tetanus, and botulism.

Top 10 Horse Training Tips

Horse Training TipsTraining your new horse can seem like a daunting task. Following a few horse training tips can help you and your horse have a positive training experience. Make sure you gather as much background information on your horse as possible.

1. Do not start training your horse until they are 2 years old.

Horse Halters With Bling Review

Horse HaltersHorse halters come in a variety of great colors, materials, and styles. Picking one that’s right for you can be overwhelming. Picking a halter with some bling can add a fancy style to any halter.

Your halter is considered a part of western horse tack even though you don’t use it for riding. Horse halters are important in training your horse and leading them from one area to another.

Bitless Bridle Review

Bitless BridleThere are various types of bridles out there for you to choose. Bridles either come with a bit or without. This review examines characteristics of a bitless bridle and various brands. A bitless bridle controls a horse without a bit in their mouth. The bridle offers the same amount of control as horse bridles and bits.

Horse Bridle Assembly – How To Adjust For Your Horse?

Horse BridleMaking sure you have a properly fitting horse bridle is an essential part of owning a horse. Your bridle is an important part of western horse tack and should not be overlooked. You want to make sure the bridle is doing its job, holding the bit in place and giving you proper control of the horse.

Horse Jewelry For Girls – Great Gift For Horse Lovers!

Horse Jewelry for GirlsIf you know a woman who happens to be a devout horse lover, a wonderful gift for them, and their horse, would be equestrian jewelry. This jewelry allows an owner to accent their horse’s natural beauty and physique. You can find a wide range of pieces that fit this special niche, from a horse necklace to hair jewelry. These pieces can be found in a number of materials too. Medallions made of precious metals, even gold, and precious stones are not uncommon. There is no doubt that horse jewelry for girls will make a perfect gift.

Natural Horsemanship Techniques – Key To Horse Training Success!

Natural HorsemanshipNatural horsemanship is the idea that training a horse should involve communication with the horse that relies on their natural instincts and behaviors. Those who practice this method believe that physically harming the horse is does not facilitate a good relationship, you can achieve greater success with communication training.