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Top 10 Dog Races Locations

Dog Races

1. Hollywood, Florida

Dog races in Florida usually refers to greyhounds, and the track at Hollywood, Florida proves that this is true. This track is one of the top ten in the country, possibly even the world.

Guide Dogs for The Blind Breeds and Training

Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide dogs for the blind are specially bred and trained, and these dogs are only selected from certain breeds which are intelligent and have a very favorable temperament. Before being placed as a guide dog these animals must undergo dog obedience training, be properly socialized, and be certified as healthy. Volunteers who live within the required distance of the center will raise the puppies

Guard Dog Training Schools – What to Look for?

Guard Dog Training

Guard dog training schools can help your dog receive the proper training, and ensure that your dog will protect your family and property if needed. How can you tell which school is best for your dog though?