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Greyhound Rescue Program Review

Greyhound Rescue

A greyhound rescue program helps to give racing greyhounds a loving home once the dog is retired from racing. Best known for their speed around the dog track in pursuit of the electronic rabbit, this breed is very lovable and reliable.

Golden Retriever Puppies Training Tips

Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden retriever puppies are a joy to own, but they can be a handful and proper training should be started as soon as possible. There are some tips that can make this training easier to accomplish, and this breed is at risk for certain medical conditions and problems.

Top 10 Labrador Retriever Breeders

Labrador Retriever Breeders

1. Golden Lightning Labs

One of the top Labrador retriever breeders, Golden Lightning Labs offers unusual white labs as well as cross breeds. This breeder is a popular choice for anyone who wants a quality puppy.

Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting Dog Breeds

1. Beagle
One of the best hunting dog breeds is the beagle, well known for the ability to hunt rabbits and alert you when one is found. The beagle will flush out the rabbit so that you can take a shot.