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Top 10 Important Facts About Cat Dental Health

Cat Dental HealthBecause of the special needs in maintaining good cat dental health, I’ve compiled a top 10 list of the most important things to remember. Although their needs are similar, cats require a few different steps than dogs.

1. Attention: Close attention to the actions of your cat is vital to monitor not just oral health for cats, but also to monitor the overall health or your pet. Our pet’s actions are how they tell us what’s wrong, pay attention to them.

Cat Ear Mites – How To Get Rid of Them?

Cat Ear MitesWhat is an Ear Mite?

Both dog and cat ear mites infestations are caused by the same bug. They are very small parasites that resemble ticks when viewed under a microscope. Ear mites burrow their way into the ear canal where they will begin to thrive on your pet’s ear wax and skin oils. Just like any other organism, as ear mites feed they give off waste products.

Top 5 Cat Constipation Symptoms

Cat Constipation SymptomsOne of the most common health concerns for cats is constipation. If the condition is left untreated for too long, the blockage in the color can prevent defecation and may need to be removed under general anesthesia by your vet. Knowing what cat constipation symptoms to watch for can help you get treatment for your cat quickly.

Here are the five cat constipation symptoms to pay attention for:

Cat Constipation Home Remedies

Cat Constipation Home RemediesWhile not the most pleasant conversation topic, cat constipation home remedies are something every feline owner needs to know about. Constipation is a fairly common problem for cats, especially if they eat hard food primarily. Learning how to recognize and solve the problem are important to keeping your cat healthy and regular.

Signs of Cat Constipation

Pregnant Cats With Fleas and Worms – How To Treat Safely?

Pregnant CatsWhen you are dealing with pregnant cats, you need to do everything you can to protect their health and the health of those unborn kittens. While fleas or worms may not be a huge problem in an otherwise healthy cat, treating these conditions while the cat is pregnant can be risky. Below is some information to help you consider what steps to take.

Dealing with Fleas

Pregnant cats with fleas need to be treated for the condition.

Cat Health Insurance Review

Cat Health InsuranceWe all know that health insurance provides some major benefits for people but did you know that cat health insurance can offer the same peace of mind and security for your pet? Of course reaping the rewards of such an insurance policy means finding the right coverage for your cat’s needs.

Know Your Coverage

Just as with human insurance, cat health insurance can sometimes be confusing.

Feline Leukemia Symptoms – What To Watch Out For?

Feline Leukemia SymptomsAccording to estimates, up to 2% of cats who seem healthy actually carry the virus responsible for causing feline leukemia symptoms. This disease is one of the most dangerous for cats and can cause a large number of health problems, including anemia, upper respiratory diseases, and reproduction problems.

Taking Action

Unfortunately, if your cat begins to show feline leukemia symptoms then he has already been infected.

Cat Flu Remedies

Cat Flu RemediesA common illness among cats is the flu. Just as with human flu, cat flu remedies are available that can help alleviate the symptoms before they become too serious. If left untreated, this condition can be dangerous to your pet so knowing the steps to take is important for cat owners.

Knowing the Signs of Cat Flu

Before using any cat flu remedies, you need to know what to watch for in your cat.

Feline Diabetes Diet – What Foods To Consider?

Feline Diabetes DietWhile we all know diabetes is a serious health problem for humans, most people didn’t know it could be a problem for cats, too. The best solution is a feline diabetes diet but owners often don’t know their cat even has a problem for a long time. Understanding the disease and the best diet solution is important for the health of your feline.

Feline Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes in cats occurs when their bodies cannot properly use the converted sugar from their food for energy.

Cat Fleas on Humans – How To Avoid Getting Bitten?

Cat Fleas on HumansCats make wonderful companions for people but for Ctenocephalides felis they may even better food. That term refers to the cat flea, a small parasite that feeds on felines as well as dogs and wild rodents. Cat fleas on humans can cause serious problems, including allergies and disease. Learning how to prevent this problem is an important part of sharing your home with a cat.