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Top 10 Cat Toys

Cat Toys

1. Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Mouse

One of the top ten cat toys is the Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Mouse, and this toy will give your pet hours of fun and excitement.

Cat Shampoo for Dandruff and Shedding Review

Cat Shampoo

A cat shampoo for dandruff and shedding can make a big difference in how your cat feels, and how your home looks. These products are intended to prevent dry skin and help eliminate shedding. Both of these conditions can be caused by poor nutrition, or by skin that is dry and damaged. Some cat grooming supplies may contain ingredients which can cause your pet’s skin to be dry and flaky, especially if your cat suffers from skin allergies or other conditions.

Cat Bath Tips – How to Bathe Cat that Does Not Like Water?

Cat Bath

A cat bath can be a nightmare, not just for your cat but also for you. Most cats are not fond of water, and some are terrified. You may find an occasional cat that will tolerate a bath but this is not common, and most cats will try to draw blood if you attempt to get them wet. Cat bath wipes can help if your cat simply needs to be gently cleaned and a full scale bath is not necessary. Most of the time a cat will keep themselves clean

Top 10 Cat Grooming Tips

Cat Grooming Tips

1. One of the top cat grooming tips is that you should always pick a time when you and your cat are both relaxed and calm. Trying to groom your pet when you are tense or upset is a recipe for failure, and will make future grooming efforts harder.

Cat Clothes for Holidays Review

Cat Clothes

Cat clothes can be found in almost every style, and the holidays can be the perfect time to dress up your pet. You will find clothes in many designs, from ties and shirts to full tuxedos, reindeer horns, and even a Santa suit. Cat sweaters can be found in varying patterns and colors, and these accessories will keep your pet warm on even the coldest days.

Pain Relief for Cats with Arthritis

Pain Relief For Cats

Pain relief for cats who have arthritis can be tricky, because your cat may experience stiffness, joint pain, and difficulty moving at times. Arthritis can be very painful, and can affect the quality of life that your cat has.

Prescription Diet Cat Food – When Does Your Cat Need It?

Prescription Diet Cat Food

Is prescription diet cat food really necessary, or is it simply overpriced and a great way for your vet to earn extra income? Most vets are honest, and will only prescribe a specific food for certain medical problems or conditions if the dietary needs are legitimate.

Feline Asthma Symptoms

Feline Asthma SymptomsFeline asthma symptoms can be different for each cat, and recognizing these signs can help you ensure that your cat receives the proper treatment and does not experience respiratory arrest. Sneezing in cats can be caused by asthma, or it can be a sign of many other problems such as a respiratory infection, a virus, and even an eye infection. Coughing is another sign that your cat may be having a problem with asthma.

Feline Asthma Treatment Options

Feline Asthma TreatmentFeline asthma treatment is a condition similar to asthma in people, with many of the same triggers and symptoms. Treating asthma in cats does offer a number of choices though, and each cat is different and may respond to different approaches. Asthma can be the answer to “my cat is sneezing, why?”, and can cause a life threatening problem for some felines. The symptoms of asthma will need to be treated during an attack, as well as treatment for the inflammation that causes your cat to have difficulty breathing.

My Cat Is Sneezing – How Can I Help Her?

My Cat Is SneezingMy cat is sneezing, what can I do? This is a common question asked numerous times in the online pet forums, and one that vets hear frequently. Sneezing in cats can be caused by many things, including conjunctivitis, a viral infection, aspirated fluids, and several others. Sneezing is usually one of the first signs to appear when your pet is becoming sick, and this symptom may or may not appear together with a fever.