Pet Snake Supplies Owners Must Have

Pet Snake SuppliesPet snake supplies are an essential part of owning a snake, and there are some items that you will need to ensure proper care and feeding of your pet. The first thing you need to consider is the size of your pet as an adult, and then find the proper size tank or cage. Small pet snakes do not require as much room as larger species, but you will still need one that is adequate in size and a top that can be locked or clamped down to prevent any escapes. Necessary pet snake supplies will also include a heating pad, to control the temperature and provide heat, as well as substrate for the tank bottom.

Whether you own ball pythons or garden snakes your pets will need a water dish, and this should offer clear water at all times. A heat lamp can be used to provide artificial lighting for your pet and mimic daylight, but make sure you understand the species light requirements and provide a natural lighting cycle. Pet snake supplies that you will need will also include food for your snake, and usually this will be mice, rats, and other feeder animals. Different types of pet snakes will have different prey requirements, and you will need to have the right food when it is feeding time.

Pet snake supplies should also include a stick on thermometer or other type of temperature gauge, so you can ensure that the tank is properly heated but not too warm. An ambient grade will allow your pet to move from one area to the other to make body temperature adjustments. Snake breeders and experts also recommend a hook to capture and move larger snakes, and hemostats to feed your pet without risking any bites or other injuries. The substrate on the bottom of the tank should match the natural environment of the species that you own, and this may be sand, dirt, or other materials.