Pet Rabbits For Sale – What Questions To Ask Breeders?

Pet Rabbits For SaleWhen looking for a pet bunny you’ll tend to find the best deals by buying direct from breeders. Much like buying anything else direct from the manufacturer, those with pet rabbits for sale typically assume you know what you are getting into. Others, though, may know that you don’t know what you’re getting into, and they may take advantage of that, forcing the sale of more than you can handle. Also, breeders aren’t doing this for fun. Breeding rabbits can be difficult and expensive. Intact, not spayed or neutered, rabbits have far more health problems. Rabbit babies are very sensitive to their food and environment, so they require a lot of close attention. Because of this, it is another good idea to find out the methods used by the breeder. Not only do poor conditions cause abnormalities and disease in offspring, they are also a deplorable practice.

First you should know about different pet bunny breeds. Take a look at a few different available breeds, but don’t buy any of them right away. Ask about the needs of specific breeds then fact check the breeder’s answers through known reputable sources. This exercise will both educate you on the breed you are buying, and tell you if your breeder is trying to sell you regardless of your needs. When looking at pet rabbits for sale you should take a moment to look over potential buys. Kick the tires and look under the hood. Ears and fur should be checked for rabbit mites, fleas, and an overall check for injury needs to be done. Rabbit breeders need to be able to answer all your questions, if they don’t know, move on. They shouldn’t be breeding in the first place. One of the most important questions to ask is what size rabbit cages you’ll need. Bunnies grow to different sizes and some grow to the size of a medium sized dog. Pet rabbits for sale are rarely full grown, so adult size isn’t always easy to determine. Any medical procedures, such as vaccinations and spaying or neutering, should be asked about too. All of these are important questions to have answered when you’re looking for pet rabbits for sale, make sure you get all the answers before bringing home your new family member.