Panther Chameleon Breeders

Panther Chameleon BreedersIf you are interested in introducing a panther chameleon into your home, you will probably be interested in locating panther chameleon breeders. Going through breeders is often a better choice than relying on the limited selection available in pet stores. Thanks to the Internet you can find numerous chameleons for sale. Before you purchase, here are some considerations you might want to keep in mind.

Housing Considerations

Unlike other types of chameleons which do well in glass tanks, the panther chameleon does best if he or she is kept in a screened enclosure. The screening allows more air to flow through the enclosure and reduces the risk of respiratory infections caused by stagnant air – a common health problem facing chameleons kept in glass tanks.

Another important thing to remember about chameleon pet care is to keep adults in individual homes. When they reach maturity, they become too competitive and aggressive to keep together.

Lighting and Plants

As any panther chameleon breeders will tell you, these beautiful lizards need constant lighting for at least 12 hours a day. You will need to invest in a UV light source for your housing area. Additionally, you will need to add plants and other climbing materials to the housing environment since panther chameleons live primarily in trees and want to climb.

Before you start looking for chameleons for sale, you need to make sure you have the set-up prepared so you’ll have a special home waiting for your pet.


The panther chameleon diet is not complicated. They eat mostly insects, but those insects must be alive. You can purchase live insects, such as crickets, at most pet stores. You should never try to catch wild insects and feed them to your chameleon because these can carry diseases which can infect your pet. Make sure you gut-load the insects by feeding them vitamin supplements. The supplements can be purchased at the pet store, too. By gut-loading the insects before feeding them to the chameleons, you ensure the chameleons will gain more nutrients from them.


One advantage of going to panther chameleon breeders is that you can sometimes see the parents and get an idea of the size your lizard may reach. Males are usually bigger and can grow as long as 21 inches in length with females reaching about 13 inches. Knowing the expected size of the adult chameleon can help you better plan their housing.

If you are interested in bringing your own chameleon home, be sure to ask your panther chameleon breeders any questions before finalizing the arrangements.