Oscar Fish Diseases – Hole in The Head

Oscar Fish DiseasesOut of all the Oscar fish diseases, hole in the head is one of the most serious, and one of the nastiest if this disease progresses. Hole in the head is also referred to as head and lateral line erosion, and this disease causes the fish to lose color and develop pits or craters on the head and along the lateral line of the fish. This disease can affect all types of Oscar fish, as well as other species, and is a chronic disease that can become a big problem if not caught early on. While this is not one of the immediately fatal Oscar fish diseases, it can lead to death if not treated quickly.

Hole in the head disease can be found in Oscar fish for sale occasionally, and the exact cause of this disease is not fully known. Water quality, proper diet, and proper tank maintenance can prevent this disease from developing in the first place. This is one of the Oscar fish diseases that seems to affect older fish more, causing some experts to question whether the immune system of the fish plays a role as well. The right balance of commercial and live Oscar fish food, and a greatly varied diet, play a role in preventing this condition. If hole in the head disease is discovered the tank must be cleaned thoroughly and steps taken to eliminate the conditions causing the diseases.

Hole in the head is one of the Oscar fish diseases that is completely preventable when proper care and maintenance is used. Once this disease sets in the fish can be infected by parasites or bacteria as well, affecting the health of the fish even more. Hole in the head is also listed as one of the Discus fish diseases as well, and can affect almost any of the large cichlid species. In some situations a hexamita treatment may be needed to prevent or treat any secondary infections.