Novox vs Rimadyl – All-Natural Bio-Alternative?

Novox vs Rimadyl

Comparing Novox vs Rimadyl is done for many reasons, and some pet owners believe that Novox is an all natural bio alternative but this is not necessarily the case. Novox and Rimadyl for dogs are considered to be bioequivalent, and there is no difference in the effectiveness or function between these drugs. Both are NSAID medications, and neither is all natural. When comparing Novox vs Rimadyl one of the biggest considerations is the price, because both drugs are equivalent but Novox is the generic form which means a lower cost usually. This medicine can be dosed once or twice a day, and is effective for treating pain and inflammation the same as the brand form, which is Rimadyl.

Novox for dogs may be prescribed in any situation where Rimadyl can be used and may be recommended for any pain or inflammation caused by arthritis, surgery and certain other circumstances. When it comes to Novox vs Rimadyl you will find there are the same possible side effects and complications with both medicines. Both are available only with a prescription, and both can be given once a day in a single dose or divided into two doses, given roughly twelve hours apart. Both Novox and Rimadyl side effects can include bleeding, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and ulcers in the stomach and intestines as well as many others.

Dog joint pain can be treated with a number of medications, and deciding between Novox and Rimadyl can mean the difference between a larger price or a reasonable cost. Since a comparison of Novox vs Rimadyl will show that both drugs are almost identical this means that neither is all natural, but these medications are bioequivalent. If your pet needs arthritis in dogs treatment then both of these medications can help treat the pain and inflammation. Both medicines will also involve certain risks and possible complications as well, and are metabolized by your pet’s liver and kidneys.