Natural Horsemanship Techniques – Key To Horse Training Success!

Natural HorsemanshipNatural horsemanship is the idea that training a horse should involve communication with the horse that relies on their natural instincts and behaviors. Those who practice this method believe that physically harming the horse is does not facilitate a good relationship, you can achieve greater success with communication training.

Before you try any form of training you should make sure your horse vaccinations are up to date in case you need to move your horse to a training facility. Choosing a facility with equine veterinary staff on call is best, this way if something happens to your horse during training you can be assured that they will get fast care.

Natural horsemanship methods of training can help you have a great relationship with your horse. You first want to establish a safe and secure relationship for your horse. When they feel safe they will trust you more and want to please. Learning body language cues from your horse can help you determine how to approach the horse and get them to come to you.

As your training progresses you can introduce the horse bridle. This piece of tack is important in your training, you will need you horse comfortable with the bridle for them to be ridden. Horse saddles should also be used in your training. Slowly getting them used to saddle ensures that they won’t be scared each time you place the saddle on their back.

Natural horsemanship techniques require time and dedication from the owner. The horse may or may not respond to you quickly. You need to be patient in your training. Once you have established the bond you can train for certain actions by applying a pressure or cue for the desired action. As soon as the horse carries out the action the pressure is to be released. The horse is responding to the pressure release not the pressure.

Follow these horse training tips of the natural horsemanship philosophy and you will have a successful time training your horse. You will also create a strong bond with your horse.