My Cat Is Sneezing – How Can I Help Her?

My Cat Is SneezingMy cat is sneezing, what can I do? This is a common question asked numerous times in the online pet forums, and one that vets hear frequently. Sneezing in cats can be caused by many things, including conjunctivitis, a viral infection, aspirated fluids, and several others. Sneezing is usually one of the first signs to appear when your pet is becoming sick, and this symptom may or may not appear together with a fever. If you need an answer to the common my cat is sneezing inquiry then there are a number of options. You can call or visit the vet, or you can try home remedies first.

Any cat runny nose and sneezing should be evaluated, because if you catch an illness in the beginning you can shorten the duration of the symptoms. If my cat is sneezing then L-Lysine is a supplement which can be very effective, This supplement is excellent at helping your pet get over a viral infection, and it works by preventing the virus cells from multiplying. Some breeds may require a daily maintenance dose of this supplement to avoid any future problems. All cat illness symptoms should be taken seriously, and this often means the cost of an office visit for the vet.

My cat is sneezing, is this a serious problem? Your cat may just sneeze because of allergies, and if the pollen count is high you will notice this symptom much more often. If your pet has allergies then you may need to make a number of visits to the vet for cat allergy treatment shots, while an upper respiratory infection may require antibiotic injections or powders. If this is the first time your cat has had these symptoms then it is always a good idea to have them fully checked out by your vet, just to make sure the cause is not anything serious.