Mometamax Otic Suspension Side Effects

Mometamax Otic Suspension

Mometamax otic suspension has been shown to be highly effective in treating dogs with a wide range of ear infection types, but this medication can have a number of possible side effects as well. Ear infections in dogs may be caused by many different bacteria and fungi, and it may be difficult to identify the organism responsible before treatment is started. Mometamax otic suspension side effects can include some that are troublesome but not dangerous, while others may lead to serious or even fatal complications. Many side effects are caused by one of the three drugs used in this medication, and can be managed without stopping the medicine.

The side effects with Mometamax for dogs can include those caused by gentamicin, the antibiotic component, or either of the other two drugs that the medication involves. These range from skin irritation and itching to a severe and life threatening allergic reaction. An increase in both urination and thirst has been reported with Mometamax otic suspension, and kidney toxicity has been seen when the medication is used long term to treat a chronic infection. Weight loss and a loss of appetite have also been seen with this medicine. A dog ear yeast infection may require more than one course of treatment, and the corticosteroid component of this medication may cause blistering, peeling, and burning of the skin.

Mometamax otic suspension can cause a serious allergic reaction to occur, and this may require emergency vet treatment to prevent life threatening complications. If your pet has difficulty breathing, has swelling which is severe or occurs in the throat, lips, and face, or starts to exhibit hives then this should be considered a medical emergency. The medication should be stopped as soon as these side effects appear, and a vet should be consulted. A dog ear infection home remedy may provide some relief until your pet can get in to see the vet if you suspect an ear infection is present.