Moluccan Cockatoo Diet

Moluccan CockatooThe Moluccan cockatoo is known for its distinguishing coloring of a light peach body and a beautifully bright, salmon pink crest. These cockatoos are perhaps some of the friendliest and liveliest birds in existence, rivaled only by the loving and playful Umbrella cockatoo. As a matter of fact, Moluccan cockatoos are so sweet that they are often referred to as “lap birds.” They are also extremely smart and require a lot of mental stimulation. If you’re looking into cockatoo birds for sale, then you will definitely want to consider these playful feathered friends. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that these are very high-maintenance birds. They require a lot of attention on your part, especially when it comes to diet. Be sure to look over these Moluccan cockatoo diet guidelines before bringing your new pet home:

1. Although your bird may love fortified seeds, keep in mind that they are high in fat and should be kept to a minimum. Pellets specialized for pet parrots should compose seventy percent of your Moluccan’s diet.

2. Change out your bird’s water on a daily basis with clean, fresh chlorine-free water.

3. Provide fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Your Moluccan cockatoo will love eating grapes, pineapple bits, and corn on the cob.

4. There are certain foods that can cause your pet serious health problems. Be sure to keep the following away from your bird: chocolate, alcohol, fruit seeds, caffeine and avocados.

Remember that the Moluccan cockatoo has a tendency toward obesity. It is very important that you monitor its weight and eating habits very carefully in order to avoid any health problems that may occur with it being overweight. The best sign that your cockatoo parrot> is healthy and eating right is that it eats and drinks throughout the day, without prompting.