Moluccan Cockatoo Birds For Sale – Where to Find?

Cockatoo Birds for SaleFinding cockatoo birds for sale can be far tougher than buying a run of the mill cockatiel or parakeet. Even more challenging is buying a moluccan cockatoo. These birds are endangered in their wild habitat, and international trade is banned in many countries, so shipping them out of Indonesia is near impossible. Also, unlike many exotic pet birds, the moluccan cockatoo has had difficulty breeding in captivity. Recently, though, some American breeders have had limited success, helping to introduce a new wave of handfed captive bred moluccans into the legal bird market.

Once you do find a moluccan it is best to remember that they are the largest of the cockatoos. This means that they will need larger than average cockatoo bird cages. Exact size varies, but your breeder can give you an idea of the parent’s size if you are buying a bird that isn’t yet full grown. The difficult search for these birds can often lead to looking for other parrots instead. Just remember that even finding African grey parrots for sale at a reasonable price can be frustrating. Otherwise, finding other breeds of cockatoo birds for sale can be fairly easy. Many large pet shop chains carry these birds along with carrying other parrots like macaws for sale. If your mind is set on a moluccan, though, patience is the key. Don’t worry that you may lose out on a year or two without your long awaited pet while searching for moluccan cockatoos for sale; chances are they will outlive you if taken care of well enough.

Because of the rare nature of this breed, you may run into people claiming to have moluccan cockatoos for sale that have nothing of the sort. Online breeders are probably not a good idea since you may not have any recourse over state lines. It is best to stick with local breeders. Even if they don’t do the breeding themselves, let them find the bird for you. They know where to look and this way you give them all the risk. Large pet stores will rarely carry this kind of cockatoo, so they can be way overpriced when they do. Best bet is to find a reputable local dealer and send them on the hunt.