Methimazole for Cats Pros and Cons

Methimazole For Cats

Methimazole for cats can have both pros and cons, and these should be evaluated before you start giving your pet this medication. This drug is used as a treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats, and has fewer possible side effects than other drugs used to treat this condition. Excess thyroid production is stopped when this medication is used, and the results achieved can be very rapid once treatment starts. Methimazole for cats is available in a scored tablet form, so it is easy to administer the medicine to your pet. Another pro with this drug is the cost, because it is one of the more affordable medications used for this condition.

The Methimazole side effects are one of the cons that this medicine can have, although the risk of side effects is lower than some other treatment options. Some cats may experience a serious allergic reaction to this drug, and this can be fatal if emergency vet treatment is not received. Methimazole for cats is only available with a prescription, so you must pay for a visit to the vet every time a new prescription is needed. Feline hyperthyroidism is a condition that lasts for life, so your pet will require medication as long as they live. Blood tests are also periodically required, to ensue that the drug is not causing any harm and the proper dosage is being given.

Methimazole for cats has both pros and cons, but for cats that have a thyroid which produces excess amounts of hormones this treatment may be the best possible option. Without treatment your cat will continue to get worse, and Methimazole is one of the safest and most effective medications available to treat this condition. As long as you discuss any other cat health problems that your pet has with the vet then this medication is considered safe to use for most cats. Some drugs or other medical conditions can affect the way this treatment works. For many cats the benefits provided by this medication will outweigh the risks and drawbacks of this drug.