Methazolamide Side Effects in Dogs

Methazolamide Side Effects

There are many possible Methazolamide side effects that can occur if your pet is taking this medication, and you need to know which are serious and which are simply bothersome. Some of the side effects with Methazolamide for dogs can lead to serious complications or even death, while others will not require this medication to be stopped. Treatment is important to keep this disease from progressing, and to give your dog the best quality of life possible. Minimizing the intraocular pressure will help reduce the symptoms, and can be very effective. There are some possible Methazolamide side effects which will require immediate medical attention though, and this medication may not be the right choice in every case.

As a treatment for glaucoma in dogs Methazolamide is frequently prescribed. Possible side effects that you need to watch for include a severe allergic reaction, which can result in hives, difficulty breathing, and even shock and eventually death if immediate treatment is not provided. Other Methazolamide side effects may include gastrointestinal problems, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, and changes in usual behavior and activity levels. Glaucoma in cats can also be treated with this medicine, with the same possible benefits, risks, and side effects.

Unusual bleeding, pain, fever, and tremors can also indicate serious Methazolamide side effects which should be evaluated by a vet. Dizziness, drowsiness, and skin sensitivity are also symptoms that may appear if your pet is taking this medication. If your vet gives you a dog illness diagnosis and any other medications are prescribed or recommended it is important that you tell your vet about the Methazolamide treatment. This drug can interfere with other medicines and over the counter treatments, and may not be indicated if your pet has certain other diseases or medical problems. Your vet can help you evaluate whether the benefits of this treatment outweigh the risks and possible side effects.