Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs Review

Liquid Glucosamine for DogsWalking with our dogs is something many pet owners take for granted until their pet begins showing signs of osteoarthritis or other joint problems. Glucosamine for dogs may be a solution to help ease your pet’s pain and make life more comfortable for him.

Glucosamine Background

Liquid glucosamine for dogs is the same type of supplement given to humans to ease their joint pain. Most arthritic conditions in both species are caused by inflammation. The redness and swelling cause severe pain that inhibits free joint movement. This supplement has been shown in research to reduce inflammation. One big benefit is that the supplement comes in a liquid form so you can easily combine it with your dog’s food. You don’t have to try to get him to swallow pills daily.

Treatment Options

In some cases, surgery can treat the problem. For example, canine hip dysplasia which leads to severe joint pain of the back legs is often corrected surgically, although this may not resolve the condition completely. Other forms of arthritis in dogs treatment include medications, particularly non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These are available only by prescription from your vet.

Dog hip dysplasia treatment and arthritic treatments also include weight management because excess pounds make the joints work harder and hurt more. Massage, exercise, and physical therapy can also be used in addition to supplements such as liquid glucosamine for dogs to improve their well-being.

Concerns with the Supplement

The good news is that glucosamine for dogs side effects are minimal, especially when compared to those of the NSAIDs. European researchers have studied the supplement for about two decades and report mild side effects, such as vomiting and diarrhea occurring in a small number of dogs. However, even these side effects tend to do away when the supplement is mixed with their food. That’s another good reason to choose liquid glucosamine for dogs.

Overall, liquid glucosamine for dogs provides one possible solution for improving the health and reducing the pain of your canine companion.