Introducing New Cats To Existing Cats Tips

Introducing New Cats To Existing CatsIf you’re a cat lover then you’ve no doubt run into the problem of introducing new cats to existing cats. Sure, you love all your cats equally and you want them to get along, right? What do you do to ensure the cats in your family get along and how do you avoid as much aggressive cat behavior as possible? While it’s true that it isn’t as simple as offering a smile and a handshake, there are things you can do to help your cats develop new, healthy relationships with other cats. If you’re planning on bringing some new additions into your cat clan, you will want to read up on these tips for introducing new cats to existing cats:

1. Keep introductions slow and give your pets time to adjust. Remember that cats have personalities and that some may be shy and reserved while others may be outgoing and sociable. Introducing new cats to existing cats is a process will take as long or short a time as your cats determine, and cannot be forced.

2. Cats are territorial by nature and may not be especially comfortable with sharing a space. Prevent cat behavior problems by giving your cats their own personal space equipped with their own food and water bowls, litter boxes, scratch posts, and toys. As your cats get more interactive with each other, gradually move their possessions closer together until they are comfortable cohabitating.

  3. Most cat aggression towards other cats is caused when cats feel threatened. Cats are oriented to smell, much more so than even sight. One of the best ways to acclimate two cats to each other is to expose each to the other’s scent. Sneaking one cat’s toy into the other cat’s play area is a great way to initiate the new friendship.

4. One of the biggest cat spraying causes is the introduction of a new pet. If you notice the signs of a standoff between your two cats like hissing, flattened ears, growling or crouching, make a loud sound like a clap or a stomp to startle them out of it.

Introducing new cats to existing cats does not have to be a stressful venture if you know what you’re in for. Just remember to be patient, and that it will happen over time if you take the proper steps and let your feline friends decide for themselves when they are ready to comingle.