Interactive Dog Toy – Which One To Choose?

Interactive Dog ToyAn interactive dog toy can be ideal for any dog, but which one should you choose? The answer will depend on the game that you plan on playing with the toy, as well as the personality of your dog. A Kong dog toy works well for fetch, and will float in the water. This is a favorite toy for many dogs, and is interactive when you and your dog play together. Another top interactive dog toy is the squeaky toy, which is fun for games of hide and seek or just for attracting the attention of your dog. The squeak adds another element that many dogs love, and their attention is rewarded with sound.

Dog toy balls are another big interactive choice, and these can be found in various sizes. From small rubber bouncy balls, which are perfect for dogs which are hyper or enjoy jumping, to large balls that will not fit in the mouth of your dog, a ball can be a terrific interactive dog toy. There is no one perfect toy which will work for all dogs, so you should buy more than one and choose a variety of toy types, to find ones that your dog enjoys. Over time you may even realize that you need a dog toy chest as the number of these items starts to add up.

An interactive dog toy that hides or dispenses treats can be a lot of fun for your pet, and the treat is just one of the benefits. Your dog will need to evaluate the toy and figure out how to get to the treat, so it will occupy and stimulate your pet mentally as well as physically. A stuffed dog toy can also be interactive, when you play together with your pet. If your dog does not have access to toys then they may not receive enough stimulation, and the best toys are ones that your dog likes to play with.