Horse Thrush Treatment Products

Horse Thrush TreatmentIf your horse has ever suffered from thrush, you know that the odor is enough to immediately send you running for a horse thrush treatment. Once you see and smell thrush, there’s no mistaking it. Thrush is caused by either a fungus or a bacterium that many believe lives in the soil. It is not known for sure exactly where or how a horse contracts thrush, but it is certain that the organism that causes thrush thrives in dark, airless spaces, meaning your horse’s hoofs are a perfect breeding ground. Thrush may not be a dangerous problem in the beginning, but it can cause equine lameness if left untreated. For that reason, it is important for horse owners to understand the different treatments available. Here is a brief overview of horse thrush treatment products for your consideration, if you think your horse may have thrush:

1. Thrush relief gel usually kills the thrush-causing organisms overnight. Just remember to keep the horse’s environment clean and dry to prevent reoccurrence.

2. Equine Relief Body Wash can be used for horse hoof problems like thrush. Follow this wash with thrush relief spray and repeat up to three times in one day. This, too, can usually cure thrush overnight.

3. If you use a home-remedy horse thrush treatment like iodine or betadine, be advised that you will have to treat the affected hoof for at least a week and that, in many cases, the thrush comes back.

4. You can avoid equine veterinarians by using things like chlorine bleach and hydrogen peroxide, but keep in mind that these agents may stain or irritate your horse’s healthy skin.

Thrush is fairly easy to treat and may not be serious in the beginning, but be sure to administer horse thrush treatment as soon as possible after identifying thrush. This is important because thrush can easily spread to your other horses or even develop into a more serious problem like founder in horses. Thrush treatments are simple to use. Just wear nose plugs.