Horse Halters With Bling Review

Horse HaltersHorse halters come in a variety of great colors, materials, and styles. Picking one that’s right for you can be overwhelming. Picking a halter with some bling can add a fancy style to any halter.

Your halter is considered a part of western horse tack even though you don’t use it for riding. Horse halters are important in training your horse and leading them from one area to another. Your halter may also be used in various shows to compliment your horse. Even though you usually don’t have your horse’s halter on at the same time as your horse bridle it is nice to have them match or compliment each other.

Bling on a halter or even a horse bridle can be confined to one area or can be found all over the halter. One of the favorite places to have bling on the halter is on the nose piece. Bling on the nose piece does not interfere with the reins nor rubs on the horse. The bling found there is easily seen and appreciated. Another favorite location for bling on horse halters is on the cheek pieces. Bling found here can be larger pieces and seen from both sides, usually the bling is the same on each side. Having bling located in this area can sometimes be a problem if for some reason the reins get caught on a loose piece.

Of course bling can seem like too much at times, but when chosen appropriately it can add a great look to your horse halters. A new way to add bling to the halter is with a letters across the nose piece that spell your horses name. It is usually added to a leather halter to make sure it doesn’t seem tacky, it might even match your pink horse tack! Of course other pieces of equipment have bling on them, horse saddles usually contain some amount of accent pieces that add a great look. You might even get all your pieces to match.