Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipe

Homemade Dog ShampooHomemade dog shampoo can be a much better option then the commercial shampoos you can find, and there are recipes for every dog and skin type. Dog grooming supplies are an important part of taking care of your pet, but many commercial shampoos can be harsh or drying to the skin of your dog. Using a recipe for homemade dog shampoo can let you keep your dog clean and healthy, and you can add herbs or other natural ingredients to improve the way your dog smells at the same time. You will find recipes that can deal with any skin condition or odor problem that your pet may have.

A dog shampoo for dry skin can prevent scratching and skin damage, while soothing your pet. One of the best homemade dog shampoo recipes is as follows:

Combine a cup of Lemon Liquid Joy soap, a cup of white vinegar, one third of a cup of glycerin, and one quart of water in a large bottle. Shake together completely, then add a small amount to your dog’s fur. Always shake before using, to ensure all the components are blended together. A dog grooming table can make bathing your pet easier, because you do not have to stoop or bend down.

There are many other recipes that can be found online as well. One favorite addition to any homemade dog shampoo is lavender, because this natural additive can help your dog smell pleasant and will soothe their skin at the same time. Just add a handful of dried lavender to the shampoo before you mix it together. You can also add some lavender to dog grooming tubs that contain water, to eliminate the wet fur smell and make the area smell nice. Other herbs can also be added, and these may be used to eliminate irritated skin or to get rid of any pet odor your dog may have.