Guide Dogs for The Blind Breeds and Training

Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide dogs for the blind are specially bred and trained, and these dogs are only selected from certain breeds which are intelligent and have a very favorable temperament. Before being placed as a guide dog these animals must undergo dog obedience training, be properly socialized, and be certified as healthy. Volunteers who live within the required distance of the center will raise the puppies, instilling basic obedience and command training and making sure the puppies are well socialized and develop the proper temperament. Once the puppies reach the ideal age then they are returned to guide dogs for the blind for the rest of the training process.

The breeds used most often for guide dog training are retrievers and labradors, although chocolate labs are not usually suitable because of their rarity. German Shepherds were also used in the past, but their reputation as a guard dog and possible risky temperament have eliminated the use of this breed as guide dogs for the blind. The breeds are chosen for their calm demeanor and their level of intelligence, because breeds which are hyper or slow to learn are not a good choice and may not behave properly. Guide Dogs of America is an association which ensures that all guide dogs are properly trained and can fulfill their purpose as a guide animal.

With the use of guide dogs for the blind individuals who are visually impaired can lead a normal life in many respects, and the training that these dogs receive is extensive. These dogs are typically trained with harnesses that attach to leather dog leashes, and they must learn many different commands and actions before the dog is placed with anyone who is visually impaired. It is also important that the dog and new owner are compatible, and this step will ensure a good relationship between the owner and the dog.