Guard Dog Training Schools – What to Look for?

Guard Dog Training

Guard dog training schools can help your dog receive the proper training, and ensure that your dog will protect your family and property if needed. How can you tell which school is best for your dog though? The right school will depend on the type of training that you want your dog to receive, as well as the breed of dog you own. Livestock guardian dogs will require different training then police dogs or those used for home and business protection. The specific guard dog training you choose should be consistent with the purpose the training is intended to fit.

German Shepherd dog training will usually include commands which are in a language other than English, so that no one else can give commands or control the dog’s actions. This type of guard dog training can prepare dogs for military or police service, as well as personal protection. Look at the curriculum offered by the school, and evaluate whether this curriculum fits with your desired dog obedience training and guard duties. The training techniques should also be evaluated, and these should not include any methods which are cruel or that may cause pain or harm to your pet. A quality school will not use any practices which could hurt your pet.

A school which comes highly recommended, and that trains the specific guard dog breeds that you own, can give you the best results. The use of guard dog training can improve the abilities of your dog, and a school that uses positive reinforcement and praise will give you better results than one which provides negative reinforcement. Your dog can be trained to recognize the boundaries of a guardian dog fence, and to keep any intruders out of your home. Many of the breeds used for protection also make good family pets, and quality training can help you get the best possible results.