Gourami Fish Care

Gourami FishGourami fish can be a fantastic addition to any aquarium, but how should you care for these fish? There are more than a dozen common varieties of Gourami that you can find in pet shops, and each may have certain requirements. In general these fish are very hardy, get along well with others, and are fairly easy to care for. They are freshwater aquarium fish that can be seen in many different color and marking designs, and are delightful to watch. Males of the species may become aggressive and territorial towards other male Gourami fish if the tank is not large enough, so you may want to keep only one male per tank to prevent any problems.

The diet you feed your pet should be varied, and contain many different food types whether you own Dwarf Gourami fish or another species in this family. Dry fish food is not enough, and you should offer live foods, frozen foods, and a variety of choices for your fish. Gourami fish enjoy brine shrimp, blood worms, tube worms, black worms, glass worms, and other live foods can be introduced. Commercial tropical fish food is not an adequate diet by itself, and your fish will enjoy a variety of options.

Pregnant Gourami fish may be given small amounts of fresh vegetables, to ensure proper nutrition. Your aquarium should be cleaned at least once a week, to remove any wastes and debris in the water. While you are doing this you should also check your aquarium filters, to make sure they are clean and operating properly. You should also check the tank each day, and manually remove any large debris pieces and uneaten food to prevent the water from becoming dirty. This will keep your pets healthy and avoid stress, which could cause your fish to become sick or even die.