Goldfinches For Sale – Where To Find Them?

Goldfinches for SaleFinding goldfinches for sale is not usually as simple as walking into the corner pet store and making a purchase. These birds are usually wild caught, and rarely domestically bred in the USA. To get one of these birds from quality stock you will need to locate breeders who have an excellent reputation in this business. There are many types of canary birds for sale, and you can find online ads that offer almost any species you could want. If you use the Internet to find goldfinches for sale make sure that you are getting a bird in excellent health and temperament. This can be done by visiting the breeder in person, and inspecting the stock and living environment before you purchase a bird from them.

Goldfinches can make very attractive pets, especially when placed in decorative bird cages and properly cared for. Many breeders of this species have birds from stock that goes back hundreds of years, and the breeding pairs are carefully selected so the offspring get the best genetics possible. Finding quality goldfinches for sale may take a little time, although it is possible to find them in some pet stores. If you do come across these birds in a pet store use caution, and ask about the breeder, health, and breeding line to ensure you get the best bird possible. You should also ask about any special bird feeding tips for your new pet, to ensure the diet stays the same and the stress on the bird is minimized as much as possible.

Locating goldfinches for sale may take a little time if you insist on only using a quality breeder or supplier. Another possible option is to place a specialized feeder in your yard if you live in an area in the USA where one of the three native US goldfinches are prominent. Placing these goldfinch feeders in your yard will allow you to attract these species without having to find and purchase them. One drawback with this method is that you may not attract these birds frequently enough.