Golden Retriever Puppies Training Tips

Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden retriever puppies are a joy to own, but they can be a handful and proper training should be started as soon as possible. There are some tips that can make this training easier to accomplish, and this breed is at risk for certain medical conditions and problems. House training, potty training and obedience training are the first two types of training that your puppy should receive. Always be clear when giving your dog commands, and be specific. Generalizations are not understood by any puppies, so simply saying no is not good enough. You will need to be careful not to reinforce any unwanted behaviors while training your golden retriever puppies, because this can lead to bad habits and a poorly trained puppy.

Whether your puppies are English cream golden retrievers or another type the training given should be the same. Swimming is an important element, because this breed loves to swim and enjoys the water when proper training is given. If your puppy will be used for hunting later on then water training can offer many benefits. Golden retriever puppies are also very energetic, and they need time to play and work off some steam each day. Play time is important, and will result in a well behaved dog instead of one that is constantly getting into trouble. When looking for golden retrievers for sale make sure you check out the environment and the parents, and only buy puppies from a reputable breeder.

Training golden retriever puppies does not have to be difficult, because this breed is very smart. Some hereditary or medical conditions may affect the ability of your dog to learn certain moves or tricks, such as golden retriever hip dysplasia which can interfere with the normal hip operation in your pet. Any puppy should be closely checked out by a vet that you trust before you buy the dog, and this will ensure that training is possible. Be patient with your puppy, and remember that learning may take some time. Before you know it you will have a beautiful and well behaved dog that you can be proud of.