Goffin Cockatoos As Pets

Goffin CockatoosGoffin cockatoos are beautiful birds, and they can make great pets for some people but are not suitable for everyone. These birds do have some drawbacks, because they have specific needs and can be noisy at times. Before you purchase any pet parrots or other larger birds you need to be sure that you are ready for the responsibility. These pets require a significant amount of space, time, and money. Make sure that you are prepared before you decide that Goffin cockatoos are the right choice. You will need to interact with your pet often, because they are social animals and need companionship.

A cockatoo parrot can have a very loud voice, and they may screech frequently. These birds also have large beaks that can be painful if you are bitten. Proper training can eliminate any biting and can help control the screech of your pet, but caring for Goffin cockatoos also means vet expenses and food costs that can be high. Your pet will need a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and these can really add up. Your cockatoo bird cages should be large enough to give your bird plenty of room to move around, and should contain toys to amuse and stimulate your pet.

Choosing Goffin cockatoos can be a good choice for some, because this species is the smallest and quietest out of the entire cockatoo family, but you will need to spend a few hours each day at minimum with your bird. Unlike the Moluccan cockatoo, which has a peach colored body and beautiful salmon colored crest, the Goffin species is white bodied with peach or salmon spots on the face. Owning one of these pets can be a very long term commitment, because they can live for a number of decades. These birds have a limited ability to talk, and can mimic sounds that they hear all the time.