Glucosamine For Cats Dosage And Side Effects

Glucosamine For CatsGlucosamine for cats is a common treatment for osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and arthritis in cats. If your furry friend has been diagnosed with any of these body-aching disorders, you’ll certainly want to check into the use of glucosamine. This information on glucosamine for cats should be helpful in understanding things like dosage and side effects.

Liquid glucosamine for dogs has long been the most common treatment for canine arthritis and its related disorders, so it is only natural that the treatment be extended to cats. Cat owners who decide that glucosamine is the best route to counteract the ill effects of arthritis will find that there is probably no better or more commonly used cat arthritis treatment available. There are many different glucosamine products on the market. Be sure to take things like daily dosage, quality of ingredients, delivery method, and price into account before making a decision about which product is best for you. When it comes between liquid or pills, liquid is by far the most efficiently absorbed delivery method for your pet. Glucosamine for cats comes in many different brands and forms, and as you’ll see from the example below, it pays to compare:

A liquid product like SynFlex is ninety-eight percent pharmaceutical grade glucosamine and full of synergistic ingredients that help your cat’s body metabolize the glucosamine. That means more bang for your buck. A ten pound cat will need to take one-hundred fifty-six milligrams once a day and it will cost you about eleven cents per day.

Vet-Flex, another liquid form of glucosamine, has no statement of the glucosamine quality on its label and lists far less and inferior synergistic ingredients. In addition, your ten-pound cat’s daily one-hundred milligram dose is going to cost you a whopping sixty-two cents a day! The best advice is to do your research!

Glucosamine for cats is a wonderful option if your feline friend is afflicted with any of the joint swelling diseases associated with arthritis. Glucosamine is shown to heal the joints naturally, offering added mobility and pain relief for cats suffering from arthritic joints. Research brands using the guidelines above and invest in your cat’s health.